Oh Sun! How I live thee!!

Finally it’s time to pack off those overcoats and bring out the dresses and shorts!! 😉

We went to Cornwall with few of our friends and it was just fabulous!! the sun, the beach, the jacuzzi and wine.. aahhh!!

How I wish i could live that yet again!!! While on the trip, I did experiment with color blocking and I wore the above combination.

Look the beautiful beach below!! isn’t it just gorgeous



ella!!! :)

Hi Everyone!

Been planning to start a blog since I do not know when. First the excuse was hectic office life, then marriage preparations, then setting up new house, then moving countries…

Finally, today while sitting in office I realized that I was never meant to work!!! I mean no, I ain’t going to resign and tell them to rot, but yes, life’s too short to not start what I always wanted to do!!!

So here we are! I love clothes and I love travelling. Kinda what all blogs are on these days, I guess.

Don’t know if mine would be any different, but maintaining one would be one thing off my bucket list!! 🙂

Have you started ticking off your bucket list yet???