Oh Sun! How I live thee!!

Finally it’s time to pack off those overcoats and bring out the dresses and shorts!! 😉

We went to Cornwall with few of our friends and it was just fabulous!! the sun, the beach, the jacuzzi and wine.. aahhh!!

How I wish i could live that yet again!!! While on the trip, I did experiment with color blocking and I wore the above combination.

Look the beautiful beach below!! isn’t it just gorgeous

DAMN it!!!! I love all of them!!!—Blair Waldorf

Chic and Elegant!
If you’ve had a chance to read ABOUT me, you would know how much I adore Blair Waldorf. I know the world loves Serena for she is sexy, hawt etc etc.. I on the other hand feel that her dressing sense is that of a upper east side hoe!!!
I lowe Blair! She reminds me of the beauty, class, style and elegance of Audrey Hepburn. Love how she just about has never worn pants of any kind!!! (Isn’t that awesome???) Love how she incorporates pop of color either by bright red stockings or an awesome green coat.

Another thing I like about her styling is the hair. You would not see her in messy hairdo like Serena ever, but you’ll always see her wear her medium length brown hair down in loose waves with lots of volume.

And how can one forget those beautiful hairbands!

i want them alll!!!

She is after all the reigning queen of Upper East Side and heyyy don’t blame Chuck for wanting her!!! Even I have amorous feelings for her 😉

P.S: want to buy the same dresses as what Blair wears in GG but don’t have the moolah???

Fret no more, check out this link:

These seem to be “inspired” by what she wears on the show. Loved some of the stuff here!!!!


ella!!! :)

Hi Everyone!

Been planning to start a blog since I do not know when. First the excuse was hectic office life, then marriage preparations, then setting up new house, then moving countries…

Finally, today while sitting in office I realized that I was never meant to work!!! I mean no, I ain’t going to resign and tell them to rot, but yes, life’s too short to not start what I always wanted to do!!!

So here we are! I love clothes and I love travelling. Kinda what all blogs are on these days, I guess.

Don’t know if mine would be any different, but maintaining one would be one thing off my bucket list!! 🙂

Have you started ticking off your bucket list yet???